Phase 3

Phase 3 – upstream our changes.

To upstream our changes glibc has a checklist to make sure our changes our compliant with glibc guidelines. They want an email with a subject line containing a patch number. They want a properly formatted  change log as well as for you to go over the coding guidelines and run the built in test suite to ensure nothing has broken or regressed. It is also required that a patch file is attached to the email showing the changes you’ve made (basically a diff).

The email subject line:

[PATCH] aarch64: Assembly implementation of ffs for aarch64 systems.

This is the unified diff I will attach in my patch email:


And this is the change log entry for the body of the email:

2017-04-23  Joshua Longhi  <>

* sysdep/aarch64/ffs.S : Added aarch64 assembler implementation of string/ffs.c.
Performs around 25% faster than the c implementation.



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